Alumni Update

John B. Spencer’63 entered Chapter Eternal November 7, 2015.
Edward J. McNamara Jr.’63 entered Chapter Eternal on Mach 20, 2016. Edward talked often of his great fraternity days. He lived in South Bend, Ind.
Charles K. Besaw Sr.’39 is 99 years old and lives in Franconia, N.H. “At 99, not much news!”
Vaughan O. Stevens’41 spent 20 years in the U.S. Air Force as a commanding pilot. V.O. has two daughters and is living in an assisted living community in Edmond, Okla. E-mail:
Robert D. Hagen’49 retired in 1995 and is living in Roseville, Calif., in a retirement community of 3100 homes. Robert’s wife, Patricia, died many years ago, but he is still going strong at 92 years old. In the summer, he likes to swim several times a week, and in the winter, he spends his time reading. Robert belongs to several clubs and enjoys participating in social activities.
George C. Lyon Jr.’53 retired in a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army after 28 years of active and reserve service. George was a group insurance executive in Boston, Buffalo, and Chicago, and was VP of an international brokerage firm. He and his wife, Kay, have been married for 61 years and have two children. E-mail:
Steven C. Philbrick’75 is enjoying semi-retirement in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. Steven visited Durham last summer with brothers and hopes to return again this fall. “I’d love to host any brothers traveling to the Big Island. I can give you a great tour!” E-mail:


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  • Douglas P. Blake ’52
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  • Jay S. Gibson ’72
  • Keith A. Caulfield ’87
  • Vaughan O. Stevens ’41
  • Randall T. Mudge ’69
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