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House Director Sue Fisichelli Welcomes Brothers into Her Family

Sue Fisichelli always wanted a large family. Then, two years ago, when she became New Hampshire Beta’s house director, her wish came true and her family of five grew to a family of 40. “It’s a neat and rewarding experience when the men come to you,” she said. “It’s nice to watch them grow and mature. After that first year they seem to get it. It’s great to see them grow like that.”
Mom Sue’s days are never boring. Coming in each morning to begin cleaning and prepping for the day, she always has something to do, a question to answer, or a meal to cook. In the two years she’s been house director, she’s come to know each member by name and gets along great with each one of them. “This year’s even better,” she said. “They’re more open to change. I don’t think they had guidance or anyone telling them what to do before and now they all chip in. They’re one unit and they work together.”
From hearing her name yelled as she pulls in the driveway to watching them decorate the chapter house for the holidays, Sue has come to have countless favorite memories. Sue has two daughters of her own, and has enjoyed the opportunity to work with young men. “Watching them move out is like saying goodbye to your own kids when they leave for college,” she said. “I tell them all the time to enjoy their college years because life comes very quick and fast. Learn to enjoy yourself because the real world isn’t as laid back as college.”
The chapter has implemented a rule that everyone is responsible for themselves, but they all take care of each other. Sue tells New Hampshire Beta brothers the same advice she tells her daughters—if something happens, tell her and they’ll take care of any situation from there. Her open and understanding personality translates into the kitchen as well, where she doesn’t believe in shutting the door. “I try to make it more like they’re at home,” she said. “I talk to them on a daily basis, know them by name, and we joke a lot.”
Sue and her husband, Sam, have two daughters, Sydney May and Samantha. Sue enjoys spending time with her first grandson, Styles, the youngest ΣΑΕ member ever. As a house director, Sue has a unique experience of living at home and commuting to the chapter house during the day. Sue can be reached at
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